Run Like It’s Almost Midnight – I hope it conjures up images of Cinderella, rushing down a dark staircase, with a clock striking in the distance. She loses her glass slipper. She keeps running. Is she running away from her happy ending? Or toward it?

Life is not a fairy tale. Prince Charming isn’t real. Birds and mice don’t help you with house work. Your children actually throw tantrums. Your boss might be slightly better than the wicked stepmother – or maybe not.

Life is real. Life is hard. But a happy ending is something you make happen.

I’m Kirsten and I don’t have a perfect life. My husband and I fight sometimes. Money is in short supply. Our children don’t do anything they way books say they should. The list of imperfections goes on. But do those imperfections mean that I’ve lost out on my happy ending? No!

Life is full of imperfections. Happy people learn to work around them, correct them, or ignore them. Happy people focus on improving what they can. Do you want a real-life fairy tale? Run Like It’s Almost Midnight is a place to discuss how to pursue your passion and live a life of meaning, while simplifying and improving. Sounds like a “happily ever after” ending to me.


I'd love to hear what you think :-)

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